Driverless cars: turning science fiction into reality

Driverless cars: turning science fiction into reality

Self-driving vehicles are already here – to an extent. Bridgestone is helping to take them to the next level, and the future is closer than you think

September 19 2019, 12:01am


You’re late for an appointment and crawling around a city centre one-way system, desperately searching for a parking space. The clock – and your patience – is ticking away. It’s a situation all drivers have endured at some point, but one that could soon be consigned to the history books. In the near future your car may be able to drop you off directly outside your destination and head off to find a space on its own.

The arrival of self-driving cars would have other advantages: imagine being able to send the car off to collect Grandma for Christmas dinner, or to engross yourself in work while it takes you to a meeting. Your motor could even deliver you home safely after a few ales at the local pub.

But is this science fiction or reality? Fully self-driving cars aren’t here yet, but many new vehicles already have much of the technology needed. They can steer, accelerate and brake for you, using sensors including video cameras, radar and sonar. Some being trialled also have Lidar, an advanced laser-based system.


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