French Government Faces Backlash After Student Sets Himself Ablaze

On Wednesday the French government attempted to defuse the anger caused by the attempted suicide of a student who set himself alight to protest the hardship he faced.

The 22-year-old student suffered burns on 90 per cent of his body after attempting to take his life outside a university building in central Lyon on November 8In Paris, protesters tore down the gate of the higher education ministry and scrawled financial insecurity kills on the wall. At Lille university, a conference by ex-president Francois Hollande had to be called off.

In Lyon, classes were disrupted.Even when he had his grant of 450 euros ($495) a month, he said he struggled to get by, adding that he had decided to “commit the irreparable” outside the student loan authority building because he saw it as a “political placeMany students work to support themselves, a factor often cited for the high rates of exam failure.

A 2018 survey by the UNEF student union showed that 46 per cent of students planned to work.
As part of his bid to cut the budget deficit, Macron last year trimmed a housing subsidy available to studentsWhile the cut five euros ($5.50) a month was limited the move caused controversy, coming as the government cut taxes on the wealthy


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