Intel growing the scholar’s scholarship 2021

The Intel in expanding it generosity and legacy, is offering scholarship to students to under certain courses in USA. It aims to give financial support, necessary mentorship skills, internship with every necessary payment and to crown it, all effort to earn such applicant employment opportunity with Intel upon Graduation from course of study in the University.

This scholarship is known as Intel growing the scholar’s scholarship program. Generally, the scholarship grant is applicable to both undergraduate and graduate programs in some selected field of study.

Intel growing Scholar’s legacy Applicable courses

Individuals with interest or who graduated from any of the following courses are invited for the scholarship application. The grant is not automatically renewable, as individuals will have to re-apply for renewal yearly. The applicable courses include the following:

  • Chemistry
  •  Chemical Engineering,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Computer Science,
  •  Electrical Engineering,
  •  Electrical & Computer Engineering,
  •  Material Engineering or Science,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  •  Neuroscience,
  •  Physics

 Eligible countries for application

This scholarship is generally applicable to citizens of USA with current enrollment in any accredited colleges or universities. Such applicants must be studying any of the above listed courses as either undergraduate, master degree or PhD student.

Application procedures

The application process has little modifications as AISES has moved to OASIS portal for applicant’s registration for this grants. Therefore, interested applicants can visit the OASIS platform to create a new profile and account.

After creating account, complete the necessary OASIS form, profile answers to the necessary questions and make available the necessary documents.

Once this is done, scholarship offers which you are qualified for will be listed under your profile page.

Documents for Intel growing the scholar’s legacy Scholarship application

  • First, applicant’s Resume
  • Secondly, letters of recommendation
  • Thirdly, all necessary transcripts from the appropriate school authority
  • A written easy as described by the awarding organization is very important for each level of the application.

However, there are still some other documents required after the award of the scholarship grant as means of acceptance. For the purpose of proper documents the post acceptance documents includes:

  • First, evidence of the current institution enrollment verification
  • Secondly, the proof of online scholarship agreement
  • Awardees’ recent passport photo
  • Also, properly signed thank you letter from the receiver to the scholarship donor
  • Your bank information together with AISES direct deposit form

Required CGPA: 3.0

Scholarship Country: USA

Application Deadline: 31st may 2021

Scholarship benefits: $10,000 for graduate student for every award year subject to re-application and renewal.

Undergraduate students and others: $5,000 for each award year.

Scholarship level: Undergraduate and graduate students

Apply on the official portal here.

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