NNPC/Seplat Scholarship 2021

NNPC/Seplat Scholarship 2021 is currently open for application for students within the eligible courses in the host country Nigeria. This particular NNPC/Seplat scholarship is for Undergraduate students who are currently at the time of the application concluded their first year popularly known as 100 levels in any of its listed eligible courses.  Either ways the applicant  must be in  any recognized Federal, State University, colleges of education or polytechnic and also have the minimum CGPA.


The need for CGPA in NNPC/ Seplat Scholarship yearly is generally to choose the best   talent and brain from the various courses of eligibility in the various varsities across the country. Also, all pieces of information provided during the application including the CGPA is subject to verification by the awarding institution. This is done in such a way that every applicant will not get any notification unless otherwise from the school management when such is to be done.

However, the verification exercise is done after the written examination for most considered eligible candidates from the list of the application.

Is there need for examination?

The award of the NNPC/Seplat Scholarship is a yearly routine with the major aim of ameliorating and upgrading the level of education in their various host countries. The best way to achieve such objectives is through an organized written examination at various geopolitical zones centers in the country. Every shortlisted candidate will write same examination at either same day at different time to be fixed by the organizers.

Am I eligible to apply for the NNPC/Seplat Scholarship?

There are many criteria for eligibility but mostly important is your course of study in the varsity. The Scholarship is not open for all courses rather it is for few selected courses by the awarding organization. Such an applicant must have also completed his first year of study with an outstanding CGPA meeting the minimum requirement.

What are the Eligible Courses and level of study in the Varsity?

The Level of study for the award is undergraduate students of the various varsities in Nigeria. Therefore, some of the known eligible courses currently accepted for application for NNPC/Seplat Scholarship are as below:

  • 200 level students of Accounting
  • Law Students in year 2 in various varsities
  • Medicine/ Dentistry students currently in 200 level
  • Mass communication students in 200 levels
  • Mechanical Engineering students that have completed their 100 level
  • Petroleum Engineering 200 level Students
  • Geology 200 level Students
  • 200 level students in Environmental studies
  • Students in any Agriculture courses In 200 level
  • 200 level Architecture students
  • Students in Business Administration 200 level
  • Chemical Engineering 200 level

Civil Engineering 200l

Economics 200level students

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Other requirements for Application

Firstly, every applicant must be 18 years or above at the time of application

Secondly, such applicant must have a working email Address as means of communication

Also, must be enrolled in any of the eligible courses above, also completed their 100level at the time of application.

Every applicant must stand at time of application minimum of 3.5 CGPA from the various courses offered in year one.

Importantly, will have at least 5 credits in O’level result within a certain period of years

Host Country: Nigeria

Host University: All varsities

Application Deadline: open

How to Apply

Application process is online, kindly visit NNPC/ Seplat scholarship portal to apply.

Apply here: https://seplatpetroleum.com/newsroom/seplat-jv-national-undergraduate-scholarship/

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