When to apply for Bank of America Scholarship

The sponsorship and management of Bank of America provides necessary assistance to American citizens through Bank of America Scholarship yearly. The scholarship program is under the management of Joe Martin Scholarship Foundation. The foundation provides the criteria for qualified and eligible candidates to apply for the award through their official website.

The grant covers various areas and field of professions.  It gives special recognition to relatives and others directly relying on the employees of the Bank of America for basic shelters especially educational training and mentorship.

Importantly, the scholarship grant despite its famous nature and prestigious grand style of award is limited only to citizens of the United States of America.  Therefore, the award is not open to any international student without a United State citizenship.

Benefits and worth of Bank of America Scholarship

This is fully funded scholarship with the aim of constantly and promptly paying the awardees fees in addition to other little benefits during the yearly summit and annual internship.
Generally, the amount of award differs from one student to another. Each is on bases of course of study and the institution tuition fee payable by student and awardees.

Candidate Eligibility criteria

Firstly, all applicants must be United State of America Citizen either by birth or acquired by other legal means of citizenship.

Secondly, applicants should be either in junior or senior Secondary school level to access the grant at the time of application. Any less will not be acceptable by the awarding institution.

Thirdly, applicants must be readily available to participate in all the necessary internship for the required hours and days.

Also, must be relative or an individual relying on the employees of the sponsors to achieve their academic career.

Things to note about Bank of America Scholarship

Importantly, this program is not a platform for accessing student loan. The award when granted to any student or individual is not repayable. Therefore, it is full time scholarship award to people who certify the criteria and are selected for the final stage.

What level of Study does Bank of America Scholarship apply?

This applies to individuals in various professional and non-professional studies in various undergraduate programs at the United State Universities. Postgraduate Students generally are not inclusive in the scholarship offers, therefore not eligible to send in application.

When to apply for Bank of America Scholarship

BofA scholarship is yearly activity which opens at certain interval and closes within a period of three months. Notably, the offer is closed from February to October yearly and opens from November to January for application by interested and qualified students of United State Citizens.

To apply for this offer when open within the period of its availability kindly keep checking the official website 

The application process and procedures are really simple and self explainatory in the official website.

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